Almi Urnis Indigo Black Parti "Disha"

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  Almi Urnis Indigo Black Parti "Disha"

           Born : 20.11.2007, dog
                 Sire :
Char's Parti Son Of Great Merlin
            Dam : Jan-Shars Sweet Tart
       Breeder : Nina Bogdanova
         Owner : Natalja Shafranets
         Colour : black
      Pedigree : 
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DishaChar's Parti Son Of Great Merlin blk&wt


AM/CAN CH. Finch's Char's Spellboind Parti ( Merlin) org&wh

Am.Ch Finch's Peacemarket Parti org

CH Chriscendo Call To Arms org CH Foxworth Frontler Spirit org
CH Chriscendo Call Girl org
Del Rey Revolutionary Star org prti Del Ray Color Me True chlt wh
Kilpatricks Parti Peaches org&wh

Finch's Come Parti With Me blk&wh

AladinDel Rey Can't Touch This blk&wh Del Ray Color Me True chl
Kilpatricks Parti Peaches II

Finch's It's A Parti blk&wh

Finch's Hesa Gold investmeht blk&tan&wh
Pehhy Annie Pandy


Ppp Finch's Little Bit Parti blk&wt


Finch's Dressed To Parti org/sbl&wh


Pombreden's Dressed To Kill org/sbl& wh

Pombreden-J C's Parti
Pombreden's Pentecostal Faith

Finch's Impressive Parti blk&tan&wh

Finch's Hesa Gold Investment blk&tan&wh
Finch's Ima Perfect Parti Tu


Ppp Cookies'N Cream


Sweetheart's Chocolate chips

Sweetheart's Choco Smores chkl&wt
Sweetheart's Cooki'N Cream


See Two

Coco Von Stripe
Linda's April Podo
Jan-Shars Sweet Tart cream Ch.Jan-Shars N Sync org Tookey's The Gold Smith cream Tookey's Welch Gold Ch.Tookeyye's Toyboy
Tookeye's The Happy Flute
Toybox Vanilla Ice At Tookeyes Ch.Miller Kazar Sungold Illusion
Toybox Amerikan Pie
Jan-Shars Minnie Rearl org Am.Ch.Traditions Legend Of Oakridge org BIS Ch.Rock'n Tradition Of Oakridge org
Merry Rock Music Of Oakridge
Jan-Shars Ashley org Ch.Jan-Shars Flesh Ahd Blood
Jan-Shars Miss Moon Glow
Britestar's Crm Miracle cream Sungold Wht Knight-N-Camelot white Nobob's Winter Wizard wht Ch.The Wizard Of Camelot blk( blk x blk)
Nobob's Winter White Windsong wht ( wht x wht )
Sungold Cleo wht Darcar's Court Jester O'Blitzen
Angela's Frosty Lil-Fluffy
Heartland's Tan-Ya Hide blk/tan Ch. Heartland's In The Nicka Time Chlt HL Sgueak black ( org x wt )
Heartland's Lucky Charm org/sbl
Heartland's Midnight Dancer black Elan's Lnrigue
Heartland's Almost An Angel org ( org x chlt)

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