Shafran Sheeny Flambo Flores

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Shafran Sheeny Flambo Flores

           Born : 30.06.2012, boy
                 Sire :  Char's parti macho man    
            Dam : My Little Wonder Bella
      Breeder : Natalja Shafranets
         Owner : Natalja Shafranets
         Colour :orange & white
      Pedigree : 
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litter: 2013

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Char's parti macho man

Ch. Char's Meant To Be A Parti

MerlinAM/CAN CH. Finch's Char's Spellboind Parti ( Merlin) org&wh

Am.Ch Finch's Peacemarket Parti org

Finch's Come Parti With Me blk&wh

FinchsChars Rumor of a Parti
orange & white

Ch. Ch. Finch's Rockin' Parti
black and white

Finch's Jazz Jammin Parti
orange and white

Char's Red Neck Parti Woman

Can. Ch. Am. Ch. Oakrose Let Freedom Reign

Jandala's Wrongway Corrigan
org sbl
Can. Ch. Oakrose Calico and Lace
Finch's Parti Gone Country
blk & wh

Finch's Jet Set Parti
black and white
Finch's Parti Til It Hurts
blk & wh

My Little Wonder Bella


Char's Parti Dancer

org prti

Am.Ch Finch's Peacemarket Parti org

CH Chriscendo Call To Arms org
Del Rey Revolutionary Star org prti

Char's Parti Doll

red sbl

GoldFinch's Hesa Gold Investment blk&tn wh
Dossmar's Miss Sparkle sbl parti


Char's Parti Queen O'Germany

org prti

Oakrose let Freedom Reign rd Jandala's Wrongway Corrigan orange
Oakrose Calico And Lace
Finch's Char's Rumor Of a Parti org prti CH Finch's Rockin' Parti blk prti
Finch's Jazz Jammin' Parti org prti



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